The Cancerian Snake

Snakes were considered by some early Chinese astrologists to be a symbol of an outstanding mediator and a brilliant guard over possessions. Their appearance at 5 yearly intervals in a person's birth chart is believed to indicate that these people's personalities will acquire these advantageous traits. When this occurs in the case of the Cancerian Snake it produces a better communicator and someone who may have a slightly more possessive manner emotionally. This adds to the delightfulness of the timid Cancerian personality and creates enchanting people who have their own original style and tons of confidence. 

Anyone acquainted with a Cancerian Snake is soon mesmerized by their charming personality and cheery disposition. Generally Cancerians are worriers who take on board other people's problems or judgments. In the Cancerian Snake, this over-anxiety is not as heightened or apparent and they are able to concentrate more on the necessary solutions. This enhancement to their character often sees them as being viewed more mature than their years. They appear to take to responsibility easily from an early age and many of these characters will strive to find a partner well before their friends. 

The Cancerian Snake craves attention and affection at every opportunity. Their bestowed birth gifts of fine communication and mediation skills are perfect for attracting and retaining attention. This personality can be manipulative but their intentions are not bad...they just seek to get their own way. A relationship with a Cancerian Snake will be lots of fun but you should be prepared to have to do a lot of compromising. They can be a bit of a flirt but this is usually just a bit of Cancerian insecurity and Snake attention seeking peeping through. 

A Cancerian Snake may be an expert at imparting their thoughts and feelings but they do have a private side to their personality. Sometimes these individuals need to be alone to quietly unwind. In their energetic approach to life they do not get easily flustered but ocassionally experience the need to take time out to contemplate. During these infrequent times the Cancerian Snake does not take kindly to interruption. If he or she is disturbed unnecessarily you may receive the rarely revealed lash of their sharp tongues. These rare outbursts will also occur if anyone tries to steal from them or deceive them in any way. Snakes take great care of their possessions and like to earn them honestly. The Cancerian Snake regards material and personal possessions with equal value although if asked to choose she would choose people over things every time. 

Even though the compassionate Cancerian Snake is a good intermediary herself when it comes to listening to reason about herself personally, she has a weakness. The Snake's astrological influence of slightly more carefully guarded emotions makes it difficult for these Cancerians to take the advice of others. So although they understand that guidance is given with their best interests at heart these personalities find it hard to comprehend that others may just know best. She stubbornly takes all advice reluctantly.